Contact Tracing Apps in Canada

Contact tracing apps have been identified as a potentially important part of the response to COVID-19 and are now being developed in many jurisdictions, through both public and private initiatives. For example, Singapore has already deployed a contact tracing app and Alberta Health Services is using a similar app, tweaked for their use. Likewise, it has been widely reported that Apple and Google are working together to develop a contact tracing app and the media has covered contact tracing apps in Canada as well (for instance, here, here, here and here). As Dr. Bonny Henry (BC’s chief medical officer) recently joked: “Everybody and their dog has an app out right now”.

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Dentons Data In Conversation Podcast Series

Dentons Data in Conversation is brought to you by the Firm’s Transformative Technologies and Data Strategy group. In the past weeks, we have seen unprecedented public health measures taken by countries and governments, forcing companies to conform quickly and embrace new ways of doing business. In a series of podcasts, we will give timely updates on the digital and privacy implications surrounding COVID-19, and the implications for businesses that are adopting transformative technologies to keep the workforce moving. 

If you require any assistance regarding specific legal issues, please reach out to a member of Dentons’ Transformative Technology and Data Strategy group, Dentons’ Cybersecurity and Privacy group, or other legal counsel.

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New Guidelines on the Protection of Personal Information Collected by Political Parties

Election season is upon us, with Albertans heading to the polls in a few short weeks and Canadians preparing to vote in the federal election this Fall. To address privacy concerns arising in the electoral context, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (“OPC”) and the Chief Electoral Officer (“CEO”) jointly released new guidance for the treatment of personal information by political parties.  


Political parties have attracted the attention of privacy regulators in part by the revelation of Cambridge Analytica’s manipulation of data to profile and influence voters in the US. Late last year Parliament enacted Bill C-76 the Elections Modernization Act, an amendment to the Canada Elections Act (“CEA”) to require federal political parties to develop privacy policies to protect personal information.

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